Our Strategy

Our activities are carried out by our technical equipment only. All employees are trained on regular basis.

Certificates we own

We place great emphasis on ensuring the safety and protection of human health at work and environmental protection.


Recorded in the Commercial Register with Regional Court of Ostrava, Section B, File No. 2576. Chairman of the Board: Bohuslav Mrózek

Mrozek demolition s.r.o.

Recorded in the Commercial Register with Regional Court of Ostrava, Section C, File No. 38552. Authorized Representative: Bohuslav Mrózek

Each individual sees things differently… By termination of employment at Třinecké železárny in 1989, for which I had been trained as a metal worker and had been working there ever since, began a journey that brought me an opportunity to learn many things.

Why us?


Mrozek, a.s., which has been in operation for 30+ years, carries on the tradition of delivering well-executed construction projects with attention to the smallest details as well as adherence to deadlines. 

Looking for quality
Are you looking for a reliable construction company that will provide you with complete construction of a family house, reconstruction or construction of industrial halls or warehouses and logistics centers?
And a long experience
Mrozek a.s. has been striving to fulfill its motto “Impossible is just a word” for over 30 years since its establishment in 1989. Our philosophy remains the same ­— to further develop our ability to deliver premium services with the help of modern technology, machinery, and highly-trained professionals.



Please refer to the news section for the latest articles, pictures as well as videos of our work. 


The high number of completed demolition projects of various kinds and long-time experience with work at heights allow us to carry out complex demolitions

Work at heights

Working at heights used to be our main domain at the time of the company’s formation in 1989. We have been carrying out these activities until today, with a high level of professionalism and skills,


We provide complete delivery of earthworks ranging from family house foundations to extensive earthworks for the construction of logistic facilities, shopping centers, and so on.

Utility lines

Our broad portfolio of services also includes construction of utility lines. The scope of work covers initial consultations with investors, designing a project, construction, repairs, and reconstruction.

Construction activities

As a growing and dynamic business, we provide complete services and deliveries from A to Z, incl. work such as construction of service buildings, repairs


The building industry puts a great burden on the environment. Nevertheless, we have tools and procedures in place in order to mitigate our environmental impact.

Mobile cranes

The crane center serves primarily for internal purposes, however we are able to offer its services to our clients. We use TEREX – DEMAG mobile cranes with a load capacity of 30t to 350t.


We provide domestic and international freight transportation among other services. Thanks to our extensive car park, we are able to transport both construction and demolition waste

Satisfied clients4500
Completed projects4674
Current projects27

References of selected implementations


Our clients are guaranteed full transparency and premium quality construction services performed by real professionals.


Demolition of a reinforced concrete chimney of the Monoyer type in Napajedla

Dětmarovice-Petrovice u K. – state border PR, BC

Removal of the non-residential building Račianska 69 in Bratislava

Repair of a 77-m high brick chimney in Sinter plant No. 1

Demolition of battery foundations 9 and 10 and objects belonging to ArcelorMittal, Zdzieszowice plant

Complete dismantling of steam boilers including electrofilter and auxiliary equipment together with chimney demolition – CEZ Skawina S.A.

Other projects



Please refer to news section for the latest articles, pictures as well as videos of our work.

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