Each individual sees things differently… The termination of employment at Třinecké železárny in 1989, for which I had been trained as a metal worker and had been working there ever since, began a journey that brought me an opportunity to learn many things. The beginning of the company followed, utilising my working and climbing skills and a basic capital of €700.

In the early years, I carried out a big part of projects by myself or with some help of few assistants . Those were mainly works at heights, such as repairs and inspections of chimneys and cooling towers, roof coating, etc. With a growing volume of orders, the first employees started to join – painters, metal workers, electricians, carpenters and masons. Since I have always been a proponent of quality equipment and tools, we have always purchased the latest technology.

With increasing operations, the original facility became insufficient in its capacity, thus we decided to built a new, modern premises in 2006 on land of about 2.5 hectares.

For me, the vision of further development does not end with building the new premises and the crane center. In the future, our customers can still take advantage of further improvements of our procedures, machinery with higher parameters, speeding-up the time demanding projects and also creation of a better working environment, which will be as environmentally and people friendly as possible.

I wish much success, in both private and business lives, to all our existing and future business partners and I am looking forward to working with you all.

Bohuslav Mrózek