The high number of completed demolition projects of various kinds and long-time experience with work at heights allow us to carry out complex demolitions of high-rise buildings, chimneys, cooling towers, industrial buildings, etc. All of these activities are performed with modern equipment and well-coordinated teams. We are able to demolish a wide range of structures such as steel structure, concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry.

When it comes to demolitions and working at heights, we utilise diverse machines and hydraulic accessories. The company owns demolition excavators with reach up to 55m, 4 remote-controlled excavators weighing from 5 to 15t, and last but not least, 3 demolition robots.

Transportation at height is provided by a lift with lifting power of 3.2t, which can be set up at the maximum height of up to 480m. Its speed reaches almost 100m/min. This type of lift was used during the construction of the highest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

We perform core drilling and cutting of concrete with a wall saw.

Mrozek a.s., belongs to a limited group of companies worldwide that are capable of complex demolition of chimneys as high as 300m or other high-rise structures, whole factories, athletic fields, bridges, etc. We strive to update our machinery park and equipment on regular bases.

Thanks to accumulated knowledge from different projects, we are able to continuously enhance our operations and the management system.