The high number of demolition projects of various kinds and long-time experience with work at heights allow us to carry out special demolitions of high-rise buildings, chimneys, cooling towers, industrial buildings, premises, etc. All these activities are performed with a sound technical background and well-coordinated team. It does not matter what kind of material is to be demolished – whether it is steel structure, concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry.

The wide array of tasks we are capable of, in demolitions as well as in work at heights, are made possible by using a large number of machines and hydraulic accessories for demolitions.

We have at our disposal demolition excavators with working ranges of 16, 22, 28 and 42m, 4 excavators with remote control weighing 5-15t and 3 demolition robots with electric motor and remote control.

A demolition excavator with a working range of over 50 meters is going to join our group of machinery soon.

The access and transport at height is provided by a lift with lifting power of 3.2t, which can be set up at a height of up to 480m. Its speed is almost 100m/min. This type of lift was used at the construction of the current highest building worldwide – the “Burdž Chalífa” in Dubai.

We perform core drilling and cutting of concrete with a wall saw.

We belong to a small group of companies in the world that are capable of complete demolition of chimneys as high as 300m or other high-rise structures, or of whole factories, athletic fields, bridges, etc.

Systematic renovation of our machinery equipment demonstrates the overall commitment to this.

The company continuously improves its management system through growing experience and implemented projects.