The construction industry’s impact on the environment is significant, but we are committed to minimizing it through efficient tools and procedures. One way we achieve this is by utilizing construction waste as a substitute for natural raw materials. As demolition constitutes a major part of our activities, construction and demolition waste make up a significant portion of our total waste production. To address this, we prioritize maximizing the reuse of waste materials before resorting to landfill disposal.

Concrete and brick waste recycling are among our primary objectives. With the aid of mobile crushers and sorting tines, we can efficiently break down generated aggregates into required sizes, catering to our customers’ specific needs.

Our waste recycling follows strict standards and procedures outlined in the “Method of Operation – Production of Recycled Materials by the Crushing Management System.” We maintain rigorous control over the quality of input waste in crushing devices throughout the recycling process. Moreover, we meticulously verify the physical and chemical properties of the aggregate to ensure compliance with required standards. The aggregate produced through these methods finds versatile applications in the building industry. For example, it is frequently used for backfill, embankments, and subgrade stabilization.

These comprehensive services adhere to national legislation and are available to clients not only across the Czech Republic but also in neighboring countries such as Slovakia and Poland.

By adopting these environmentally conscious practices, we strive to make a positive impact on the building industry while contributing to a more sustainable future.