The building industry puts a great burden on the environment; however, it is able to relieve it at the same time, mainly due to the capability to use construction wastes as a substitute for natural raw materials.

Since demolitions are one of our main activities, construction and demolition wastes represent a significant share of the total production of wastes. We aim for maximum reuse of waste materials prior to their disposal in a landfill or otherwise.

We recycle concrete and brick waste as much as possible. We offer recycling by three mobile crushers and sorting of the generated aggregate through sorting lines to required sizes if the customer wishes so. Recycling of waste is done in compliance with defined and approved procedures and based on the “Method of Operation – Production of Recycled Materials by Crushing Management System”. Quality of input wastes to crushing devices is strictly controlled during recycling as well as the quality of output materials with the verification of physical and chemical performance of the aggregate, in addition to its chemical properties, to comply with required standards.

These quality and comprehensive services are delivered to our clients anywhere in the Czech Republic, but also in foreign countries, such as Slovakia or Poland. Services are performed in compliance with national applicable legislation.

Aggregate produced by such methods, primarily assorted recycled products of the highest quality, has various applications in the building industry. Our certified aggregate for no-bond mixtures and mixtures bonded by hydraulic binders for engineering structures and roads – concrete, mixed or slag recycled products – are most often used as backfill or embankment material, but they can be used for stabilization of the subgrade as well.