Modernization of Blooming mill

The subject of implementation was excavation (excavation works to a depth -11,9m) and demolition work during the reconstruction of the Blooming mill including waste disposal; stabilization of columns; wall stabilization; securing the walls of the excavation and continuous drainage of the building pit. Creating of wall of height H25m. Creating of cogging mill. Work took place in cramped space and were carried out continuously for 3 weeks.

Realization date since 29.6.2017 until 1.11.2017

Was used 131t of slag, 950m3 of concrete C20/25, 657m of micropilot TITAN, 3 412m earth nails R25, 1 320m pumping needles, 680m2 trapezoidal sheets and 1 210m2 gunite.

To the depot was transported 15 355,52t of building rubble.

Excavation work in the soil of class 6 – 5 700m3. Cutting of reinforced concrete foundation – 3 064m3.

See the video from the work here

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