Demolition excavator with a high reach

Halfway through March of 2014, we rebuilt our LIEBHERR 974 demolition excavator, whose reach was upgraded from 42m to 55m. We believe it is one of the highest reaching machines in Europe.

There are only a few of these out there.  An excavator  is characterized by its multi-functionality.

Some examples:

  • height reach 55m with 2.5t of tools
  • height reach 45m with 5t of tools
  • height reach 24m with 15t of tools

The excavator can even work with 20-24t of tools.

Other than its height features, the excavator can also:

  • with 8t of tools up to 14m in depth or with a bucket 4,5m³
  • with 6t of tools up to 16m in depth or with a bucket 3,5 m³

The excavator weighs approximately 180 tons in the complete composition.

We have plenty of various bits of attachments, rating from 2t to 13t for demolishing and sorting of reinforced concrete as well as steel constructions.

The excavator is also equipped with various cameras and a sprinkling system placed near the working tools to reduce the amount of dust during demolition.

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