Our broad portfolio of services also includes construction of utility lines. The scope of work covers initial consultations with investors, designing a project, construction, repairs, and reconstruction. If required, we deal with both state and local authorities alongside with owners of neighboring plots, buildings etc.

The engineering work includes building of:

  • Water mains
  • Sewers (storm, sanitary, chemical, etc.)
  • Drainage systems
  • Gas lines
  • Hot-water systems
  • Mains supplies
  • Relocation of all of the above-listed utility lines.
All projects are executed promptly and efficiently, including all related activities, such as:
  • Earthworks related to building or relocating utility lines
  • Geodetic survey of executed works
  • Surface finishes: pavement, bitumen or concrete surfaces
The above-mentioned activities can be performed to any extent. The quality of work is ensured by our skilled personnel under expert supervision of site engineers who have years of experience in this field.